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Establishing a new company in the UAE can be an utterly frustrating process. Hundreds of rules and etiquettes need to be observed and many companies went into severe trouble and even had members of their Management Teams jailed in the UAE, because the rules of engagement and complex set of local laws caused confusion.

It is mandatory to have a local partner outside the designated Free Zones and it is from utmost importance to consult a specialist in order to make the right decison.

Establishing an own manufacturing unit, or a distribution office in the UAE can have various benefits for an overseas company and Bin Ghasson is certainly the right partner when it comes to making decisions that have a long lasting impact.

Trust our 30 years of expertise.

From choosing the right location, to selecting the Law Firm best suited for you and from assistance to obtain a Trade License to cutting the best deal for a property, we are your  

       " One Stop Shop "


Our fields of expertise include:

  • Assistance to obtain a trade license and operational permits
  • Assistance to choose the right location for your operation (Free Zones or Partnership)
  • Assistance to negotiate the most favourable terms and conditions for property leases or purchases
  • Assistance to hire the most suitable staff
  • Guidance through the complex legal jungle in the UAE
  • Introduction to local partner and organisations
  • Organizing trade shows
  • Guidance regarding staff visa regulations
  • Guidance to enter complex and restricted markets such as Iran, KSA and Oman, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan
  • Identifying the right distribution partners
  • Establishing sales and distribution networks
  • Networking and introductions


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