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Import/Export Expertise

Importing into Middle Eastern countries or exporting from here is often not as straight forward as you might expect.

Exporting your goods to certain countries can be notoriously difficult and can cause major and unexpected losses.

Perishable goods might be stuck in customes, or Export restrictions to certain countries have not been in place at the time when you had closed your order.

Careful planning is from utmost importance and a deep knowledge of procedures and restrictions is vital.

Bin Ghasson is your reliable partner when it comes to importing or exporting into, or from the Middle East.

Our vast contacts and decades of experience often helped to resolve difficult situations and in many cases we have been able to procure export permits or import licensens where others had failed before.


Bin Ghasson can provide you with the following services;

  • Consultancy regarding Import and Export into and from the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Assistance to obtain Export permits from European Authorities
  • Assistance to export to the Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, KSA, Sri Lanka
  • Assistance to organize re-exports through UAE ports
  • Facilitating payments and set up of payment structures
  • Due Dillegances
  • Compliancy checks
  • Invoicing
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