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Everywhere in the business world, networking is one of the most crucial tasks.           Belonging to the right business circles, being introduced to the right people at the right time and knowing your way around is extremely critical.

Nowhere in the world is this more important than in the Middle East.

You have to have "Wasta" often referred to as; Vitamin W (the right connections, who you know).

After being based in Dubai for more than 30 years, we certaily earned our share of               " Wasta " and we are able to provide you with guidance on how to expand your nework quick and efficient. Our contacts to the most powerful people in business, members of Royal families and to high ranking Government officials can open doors and put you on the fast track to success in the region.


Bin Ghasson can help you with the following;

  • Connecting you with suitable business partners
  • Providing you with detailed information and background data of people and companies
  • Introduction to business groups and circles
  • Providing you with warnings and precautions about business traps in the Middle East
  • Access to high profile circles
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